Friday, June 20, 2008

News from Lambeth: Then and Now

Welcome to our "Letters from Lambeth" blog where our bishops will report back both in word and in image their experiences from the Lambeth Conference this July and August. Hundreds of bishops representing dioceses across the Anglican Communion will attend this gathering held in England once every ten years since 1878. (The first one was held in 1867.) As the blog is developed we'll provide links off to the right that will answer a lot of your questions about Lambeth, then and now.

Here's a story about Bishop Knudsen published in the Lambeth Daily during the last Lambeth Conference.


St. George's 828.258.0211 said...

You're already at it! Great work, Heidi! This look clean and refreshing. I like the piece from 10 years ago. I remember the first days after Chilton came back -- I was in seminary and thrilled to hear her report!

Glad to see your writing again!


Heidi Shott said...

Thanks, Tom. Congrats on your new gig!