Monday, July 28, 2008


Of the approximately 670 bishops present here, there are about 145 Episcopalians. (Only two or three active Episcopal bishops are not here.) That means that Episcopal bishops make up about 22% of the bishops. In every group and every place I go, I have colleagues from the Episcopal Church.

We're all here because we were encouraged by the Presiding Bishop and others to come, to listen to the wider church, and to tell our story. And I think we're trying to do that. Episcopal bishops show up in large numbers for the hearings, for the self-select groups, for worship and for plenary gatherings.

But our relatively large number is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that we are taking part in all the opportunities for dialogue. Whether in formal settings or the many informal opportunities, Episcopal bishops are present. The story of the Episcopal Church is being told.

The curse is that we are also being accused by some of dominating the Conference. And domination by Americans is something much of the world is unhappy about.

So we're walking a bit of a tight rope - trying to be present and attentive, but also leaving room for others to speak. We really want to make it clear that we are a part of the Anglican Communion, partners with the other Provinces in sharing Christ's ministry to the world.


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