Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bishop Chilton's reflections on Day 1

Love and blessing to you all from the Lambeth Conference at the
University of Kent in Canterbury! I sat on a hill outside the
registration building today, digging my toes into the green grass
(British weather is so GOOD for green things, even lawns), basking in
the sun while waiting for Mike to appear on campus. I've been here in
England for over a week and I'm eager to see him.

Some kind of computer malfunction brought the registration queue (in England, it's not a "line", it's a "queue") to a dead stop. Looking
down on the group of 200+ waiting to register, I felt a lump form in
my throat. HERE is the Anglican Communion; people in native dress,
the air thick with many languages, warm hugs and hellos happening all up and down the line (sorry, the queue). THIS is who we really are:
members one of another within the Body of Christ... of varied
convictions and backgrounds, drawn together by the merciful love of
God made known to us in Jesus, the Word made Flesh, in whom is our hope. I found myself wishing that every newspaper from across the globe would snap pictures and write stories about the hugs I saw
happening...the eye contact, the body language, the clear sense of
family. Of course, we don't agree about everything (find me a family
who does!) but golly, it's a grace-filled bit ** to sit on a small hill in Canterbury, England, toes in the grass, watching Anglicans love
one another. God is with us. Thank you all for your prayers, dear
ones. Keep 'em coming. +CHILTON

** In England, a "bit" is an experience, a moment, a part of something larger, a piece of information, an insight, a revelation...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Chilton,
If anyone can love the Anglican communion into full communion with itself it is you. Your reports and description always fix on what is beautiful and kind and peace-making. We have been blessed to have someone so full of grace as our leader these past ten years. Loving prayers from all of us at St. Thomas'. Polly chatfield