Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bishop Chilton on the miracle of Pentecost

Each of us bishops was, on registration, assigned to a Bible Study Group. We meet every day for 90 minutes to study portions of the Gospel of John. Some of you in Maine are studying and praying with that Gospel along with us here at Lambeth, using the study book I gave to all the clergy at our June Clergy Day.

Thank you so much for praying along with us! We have achieved a strong level of trust in our group and the sharing is candid and warm. I will miss these brothers when Lambeth is over, but I bet we will stay in touch. I'm still connected to some brother bishops around the globe from my '98 Lambeth Bible Study group.

I'm continually reminded that we are a GLOBAL family in the Anglican Communion. This means that we must make a special effort to communicate across differences of culture and language. The earphones and transmitter are in my tote bag for every Lambeth event. God bless the translation team; they have been patient and skillful.

Our conversations together from now until the end of the conference are increasingly delicate and important. Our challenge is to hear one another, even when that is hard going. So far, we are receiving the Holy Spirit's gift of hearing one another (see the miracle of Pentecost!). Bless you all for your prayers. We feel them and appreciate your support.

Love to you all in Christ, +CHILTON

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