Monday, July 21, 2008

Thank you

Dear Friends in Christ,

There have been over 2,200 visits to our blog in the last six days. Thank you so much for your interest and support. Your participation encourages us to keep at it. We also appreciate your comments. Please don't hesitate to express your opinion or ask a question.

And thank you for your prayers. Every day brings so much that is new and challenging. Your prayers help us to stay open to the activity of God's spirit as we are confronted by the experiences and perspectives of bishops from every place.

God's peace,
Bishop Stephen and Gretchen in the dining hall. Photo by the Rt. Rev. Prince Singh, newly consecrated bishop in the Diocese of Rochester.


Ross Momma said...

What nice smiles you still have a week in! Not too tired yet! Hugs from Ohio! xoxox

Grammy Gretchen said...


Anonymous said...

Having had our campus transformed for this huge event and then being somewhat on the fringe of it all, it's very interesting to know what's actually going on when there are so many different faces wandering around. :-)